At first glance, the careful driver driving the posted speed northbound out of Scott on Mills Street into the community of Ossun might not even notice it. But it's there. Among the spreading oaks, the mobile home communities, the machine shops and the occasional squirrel there is one of Acadiana's most awesome unsung attractions.

After you cross over Interstate 10 heading north and are approaching the Malapart Road intersection you see it on the left-hand side of the road. Standing like a beacon to freedom it is the Ossun Rocket. According to people who live and work in the Ossun area the "rocket" isn't really a rocket at all. It's just some scrap oilfield pipe painted to look like a spacecraft.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

But is there a darker side to this seemingly innocent structure? One gentleman told us, under the condition of anonymity, the rocket that we see standing today played a key role in America's defense systems. While the area surrounding the Ossun Rocket may look like rich and fertile farmland, it holds an important secret. A secret so clandestine that most people have forgotten what it was.

One theory suggests the rocket was part of a missile system put in place to protect former Governor Edwin Edwards from surprise assaults by federal agents. Another theory that was floated by another witness unwilling to go on the record said the rocket's main purpose was to protect the strategic Ossun market located a few hundred yards away. Since we could get no one to go on camera or on the record with us we can only speculate that the Ossun rocket is just some old oilfield pipe that was painted to look like a spacecraft.

However, you and I both know the truth is out there. If this was only an oilfield pipe how do you explain the myriad of power lines that flow in and around the rocket's location? How do you explain the network of piping that runs down the side of the spacecraft into an obviously fortified launchpad? There is something here our government doesn't want us to know about, but this reporter isn't afraid to stand up to Big Brother and seek the truth.

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