It was a special 91st birthday for Adele Ambrose.

Ambrose sat in her window with a sparkling tiara as special visitors paid her a visit. A parade of New York State Police and firefighters drove past Ambrose's home with sirens ringing loudly.

You can see Ambrose getting more emotional as each vehicle passes by. Those emotions we see is due to the unique bond that Ambrose has with those state troopers because, for over 40 years, Ambrose cooked Thanksgiving dinner for them.

It's a tradition that began back in the 1970s. Ambrose's daughter says her father was a mechanic who worked on the trooper's vehicles, and would always invite the officers inside for a bite to eat.

So they became family and that's how it began in the middle '70s. My dad said if you do for others they will do for you.

What started as a bite to eat for a few officers would turn into an annual Thanksgiving meal for the entire police and fire departments.

Always special when we can say thank you back. We were proud to be part of her parade after all she has done for us.

Ambrose is blind and has suffered a few strokes so can't get around the kitchen like she used to but her daughter says her memory is strong. She knew exactly who was passing by in that parade and you can see it in her emotions. Her son says she even toasted with an O'Doul's while the vehicles drove past her window.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to reach out to her. She greatly appreciates your kind words.

Just a reminder that doing good goes a long way and those gestures impact people more than you know.

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