With all the controversy surrounding the Airbnb presence in Louisiana lately, this is sure to cause more concern with fans of the short term rental company. The platform took a huge hit during the coronavirus pandemic, and owners and renters have been left scrambling to book, or re-book locations for weekends or long term vacations. I have family members who are part of the airbnb family, and they took huge losses last year. Huge.

And earlier this week company officials said they will be blocking one night reservations for Fourth of July weekend in New Orleans, and for the rest of the country. The reasoning behind the decision is to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Last year the company instituted a ban on disruptive parties, and also put a limit of 16 people as the top occupancy for each rental reservation. That has been hard to enforce, and just in the month of December alone, New Orleans reported 80 listings that violated bans on large gatherings that were set in place by the company. Airbnb has previously said that violators will be suspended or banned from future reservations.

In a statement to nola.com the company said "In rare cases where it appears that the listing is intended only for the purposes of hosting parties or events (ex: party or event venues), or where a property has created a severe nuisance within a neighborhood, the listing will be permanently removed from Airbnb." Yikes.



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