While scrolling through Facebook this morning I came across an interesting story about a city that I love so much!

While I have lived in Lafayette the majority of my life and claim this amazing place as my home now, I am originally from New Orleans, La. I spent the most amazing 3 years living there during my days in college and have fond memories of this city from when I was younger. This is a city that grabbed my heart a long time ago and hasn't let go of it, however, the city is not the same as it once was.

New Orleans Celebrates Mardi Gras
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Whether that is because of Hurricane Katrina, the city's officials, the pandemic, or just a "phase" that the city is going through something is happening in NOLA and it is not a good thing.

An Alabama tourist took to Facebook to voice his displeasure and sadness with the way things are going in New Orleans these days. In David C. Webb's Facebook post he wrote an open letter to the City of Nola and to Mayor Latoya Cantrell named, "Your City Has Lost Its Way." This post is spot on when it comes to the things that are happening in the city of New Orleans.

New Orleans Economy, Population And Culture Continues Revitalization
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As much as I love NOLA and I want my children to have the same fond memories I have of visiting the aquarium and zoo, walking the streets of the French Quarter and hearing the Jazz music being played in the distance, eating at Cafe Du Monde while listening to the calliope playing from the Steamboat Natchez, and more than anything showing them pieces of the life I had before they were born I can't bring myself to take my children there. I worry about the safety and what they might see with their little impressionable eyes.

I hope that this letter will get in the hands of someone who can make a difference and help bring this amazing city back to life again! Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience New Orleans the right way. Our state has an amazing treasure at the end of the Mississippi River and I would hate to see it fall into despair.

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