Louisiana's very first container park is already running into some trouble with its neighbors. Millennial Park in Baton Rouge is the first of its kind in the state, and so far has proved to be a popular destination for families, and people of all ages looking for something different and fun in this crazy age of COVID-19. The park is located at 3817 Florida Blvd., and according to Louisiana Weekend, it "acquires old shipping containers from a New Orleans shipping dock and re-purposes them into dining vendors." Pretty cool, but owner and CEO of Millennial Park Cameron Jackson wants the city to allow alcohol sales, and neighbors are less than enthused.

The East Baton Rouge Metro Council met on Wednesday to discuss the matter at their zoning meeting, but a decision was not made and has in fact been tabled until at least February. Neighbors in the area are concerned and have voiced their opinions before the council. Some say they are worried about more traffic, noise, and the fact that a bar could bring more crime to the neighborhood.

According to WAFB, CEO Cameron Jackson "asked the council to re-zone the property to allow for a sports bar. He says some of the alcohol sales could be reinvested in the neighborhood and surrounding areas". The council is putting the matter on hold for a few weeks and giving the owner a chance to apply for a different kind of alcohol license, as a compromise. Read more about the situation from WAFB.



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