Allergy season is here!

With Spring weather guessed it...allergies. Here are some simple tips that can help you avoid symptoms while still enjoying the great outdoors:

  • Keep windows in your home and car closed as much as possible to prevent pollen from drifting in.
  • The best times to be outdoors are when pollen levels are lowest. Peak pollination occurs for a few hours after sunrise and during the hours after sunset.
  • Enjoy the outdoors on rainy, cloudy and windless days. Pollen is minimized when these weather conditions exist.
  • If gardening, avoid touching your face and especially eyes.
  • Shower after spending time outdoors. Pollen tends to collect in your hair and skin and ends up on your pillow which may worsen symptoms long after your exposure.
  • Use air conditioning to filter pollen from the air in your home.
  • Avoid activities that cause pollen to reenter the air such as lawn mowing or leaf blowing or use a facial mask and goggles if unable to avoid this contact during these activities.
  • Wear a hat with a wide brim and sunglasses to reduce the amount of pollen that blows into your eyes.
  • Apply and rinse your eyes with saline eye drops after being outdoors to wash away pollen.
  • Saline sinus rinses can bring much relief to those with chronic sinus or rhinitis problems by removing pollen from the nasal and sinus passages. Saline sinus rinse products can be purchased at Neighbors Pharmacy! Use products as directed.

Be sure to visit Neighbors Pharmacy for all your allergy needs! Their experienced team of pharmacists and pharmacy techs can give you suggestions on how to maintain your allergies this spring.

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