We often joke that Louisiana's seasons are not Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. In our mind they are  football, hurricane, crawfish, and hunting. I guess we would qualify for a fifth season.

That season would be called allergy season. It's about this time of  year that those of us who suffer from seasonal allergy symptoms really start to feel it the most.

The reason for our suffering is quite simple. Springtime means plants, trees, weeds, and I am pretty sure traffic cones begin to blossom. When those flowers and blooms start to show up on plants that's when tissues start growing on the faces of Louisiana residents.

For most seasonal allergy sufferers the "pain" is not really a pain. It's more of a nuisance. Still a running nose, eyes that water, and fitful sneezing sessions are not much fun. Fortunately there are many over the counter allergy remedies that can alleviate most of the aggravating symptoms. Just check with your health care professional first. In fact they might be able to offer a prescription dose that will ease your symptoms even better.

Here's the pollen index and forecast for the state. These figures are from pollen.com

Shreveport area: Your main allergens are coming from the oak trees, bald cypress, and grasses. Unfortunately the pollen index is graded at high for the next few days.

Monroe area: Things don't change much as you travel east on I-20. The same conditions that we are facing in the Shreveport area are going to be prevalent in the north central part of the state as they are in the Ark-La-Tex.

Alexandria area: Bald Cypress and Oak pollen is quite the concern for Cenla residents. The good news is there is a bit of break forecast for Sunday. It's not much of a break but it might be enough to let you breath a little easier.

Lake Charles area: Friday's rain and higher wind gusts gave Southwest Louisiana a major break from the pollen attack yesterday. The bad news, today the pollen counts will be back to high levels. They should stay that way through the weekend.

Lafayette area: Much of Acadiana is enjoying lower pollen levels than the rest of the state. This is courtesy of the rain and high winds of Friday. You can expect slightly higher pollen levels today and tomorrow but still it could be worse. A lot worse.

New Orleans area: If you were in the Big Easy Friday you were living the good life. Pollen levels were almost nonexistent. Today and Sunday those pollen levels will rise significantly. If you were breathing easier on Friday that will likely change with your first few steps our the front door today.

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