Remember those Russian hideaway dolls? This is kind of like that, only very different. Seems like the egret and the big alligator are in cahoots here...

Alligator Eaten By Bigger Alligator
Twitter Via @travisakers

Alligator Stalking Bird Eaten By Bigger Alligator

In this video posted to Twitter by @travisakers, you see nature on display in all of its glory.

Just, sometimes the glory can be a bit rough but hey, that's the circle of life, right?

We'll wait for a second for you to finish singing the song in your head.

The video starts with a young alligator quietly stalking an egret from behind.

Slowly and quietly he moves, staying as low to the ground as possible so as to not alert his unsuspecting prey.

Just as the young gator starts to go for it, the unexpected happens...

A second, much larger alligator appears out of nowhere and snatches up the smaller gator in the blink of an eye.

Gator Eats Smaller Gator
Twitter Via @travisakers

A couple of things of note -

1. The egret doesn't even flinch as the bigger alligator attacks the small one. Doesn't even blink as two alligators are fighting to the death 6 feet away.

This is a set up right?

2. The little black bird at the bottom seems to be in on it as well. Check him out just watching the chaos unfold.

Twitter Via @travisakers
Twitter Via @travisakers

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