We're beginning to learn a little more about the details surrounding Alvin Kamara's arrest in Las Vegas during Pro Bowl weekend.

In the police report, the victim was identified as Darnell Greene. During his interview at the hospital, Greene described his version of the events that transpired at Cromwell Casino at Drais on February 5.

Greene told officers he was leaving the club for the night and headed toward the elevators. A group of people was gathered near the elevator and Greene says he started a conversation with them.

Greene said that once the elevator opened, the group began to walk toward the open doors when a male—later identified as Alvin Kamara—"put his hand on his chest stopping him from walking into the elevator."

At that point, Greene said he pushed Kamara's hand off his chest. Greene states he was "pushed hard" by someone causing himself to stumble back. He states that he was then hit and kicked by multiple people and lost consciousness.

Greene says the only person he can remember from the incident was Alvin Kamara.

Kamara was tracked down by officers after the Pro Bowl where he agreed to speak with officers and gave them his side of how things went down in the incident that left Greene battered.

According to a continuation in the report, Kamara claims he was with his girlfriend, his assistant, and a few friends as they waited for the elevator at Drais Nightclub. Kamara says he remembers Greene calling one of his friends ugly, then later saying "I'll whoop your ass too."

Kamara remembers a fight breaking out next to him and seeing Greene get punched. Kamara says he "threw a couple of punches" but doesn't remember if he punched Greene when he was on the ground.

When presented photos of the incident from that night, Kamara pointed himself out. When asked why he punched Greene, Kamara said he "thought Greene was running away and had done something to his group so he chased and punched Green several times."

According to the report, the video disputes Kamara's recollection. Instead, a clip allegedly shows Greene being punched by Kamara's associate and then Kamara attacking him afterward.

As far as the substantial bodily injury that Greene suffered, the report described an orbital fracture on his right eye that may require surgery.

This story is developing and we will add more confirmed information as it becomes available.

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