Alvin Kamara was due in Las Vegas court this morning, but instead, he was at practice with his Saints teammates.

Kamara's attorney represented him in court for his off-season arrest where a judge granted him and three other defendants a 60-day status check.

That means Alvin Kamara will be at least 3-4 games into the season until he is even due back in court to see what the next steps will look like when it comes to his legal issues.

According to 8 News Now, the Saints running back is still facing felony battery charges from an incident in a Las Vegas casino back in February.

Police say the Feb. 5 altercation was caught on camera. In the video, police say Kamara puts his hand on the alleged victim’s chest to prevent him from getting onto an elevator at the rooftop nightclub Drai’s. The man reportedly pushed Kamara’s hand away before Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Chris Lammons punched the man. The man was knocked unconscious and Kamara, Lammons, and two other men, Darrin Young and Percy Harris, allegedly stomped his face, chest, and legs, leaving him with an orbital fracture to his eye and injuries to the head, knees, and arms.

Kamara's hearing this morning has already been postponed twice after attorneys asked the judge for more time to review evidence in the case.

Mike Triplett brings up a good point in the following tweet that states that even after the two-month delay, Kamara may still have to go through the duration of a trial which may not have a start date for another few months pushing his legal issues into 2023.

The NFL will monitor the legal case before making a decision on any punishment for Kamara. The Saints star could possibly face suspension, but a large part of any possible punishment will be dependent on the findings and the outcome of his legal case.

Twitter users reacted to the news suggesting that Kamara should have his charges dropped after he says there is evidence that Kamara was threatened and harassed by the victim. Another user replied that it's a lot more complicated than saying he was acting out of self-defense.

As far as whether or not this delay is good or bad for the Saints, it really all depends on when the legal case is settled. This means Kamara will definitely start the season, but could see a suspension midway through the year, or even worse, as the Saints are hoping to make a playoff run.

Worst case scenario would be the Saints making the playoffs, but losing Kamara when they need him most for a possible Super Bowl run.

He will take his lick when it comes, but chances are, we see Kamara suit up for the first part of the regular NFL season. Some feel as if he may not see any discipline until next season—which is also a very good possibility.

For what it's worth, Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson was just hit with a six-game suspension by the NFL after being accused of sexual misconduct by more than 20 women.

But it's the NFL we're talking about here, so we'll all be surprised together when this Kamara legal thing finally sorts itself out.

In the meantime, Kamara is at practice, preparing to play this upcoming season.

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