We love our food here in the Bayou State, and we wouldn't DREAM of not having having dessert after a delicious cajun or creole meal. But did you know how many of our most beloved desserts originate right here in Louisiana? Check out the amazing Louisiana treats below, and where they were invented right here at home.


Bananas Foster - Made famous at Brennan's Restaurant New Orleans

Sno Balls - New Orleans

Calas Fried Rice Fritters

Beignets - Cafe du Monde New Orleans

Creme Brulee

King Cake

Pecan Pie


Doberge Cake - Created by Beulah Ledner of St. Rose

Bread Pudding


Wherever these unique desserts are served, just remember that they come from a state known for it's delicious food, and we are more than happy to share our favorites with everyone else! Check out more fun facts about Louisiana cuisine at Only in Our State.


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