I'm always on the look out for DYI projects, so I was very pleased to see that the folks at Buzz Feed found some amazing uses for the humble, every day ice cube tray. Some younger kids might not even know what it was like to have to constantly fill up and empty these trays, waaaaaaay before automatic ice makers were the norm for refrigerator/freezers. If you need some uses for those trays that might be sitting around the house, then check out some cool ways to work with them below.


  • Making miniature desserts, or chocolate cheesecake bites
  • Herbs and Olive Oil cubes can be frozen, and make any dish delish
  • Coffee Ice Cubes - keeps your iced coffee from watering down
  • Chocolate covered strawberries - and these don't even have to be frozen!
  • Baby food can be homemade, and frozen for future use
  • Use as a mold for sushi
  • Make your own tomato sauce, and use frozen cubes for convenience
  • Get a head start on smoothies by freezing yogurt and banana cubes
  • Jello shots
  • Buttermilk cubes - especially if you hardly ever buy it, but need it for a recipe
  • Use wine ice cubes to make refreshing alcoholic slushies
  • Mini Ice pops - just the right size for little ones
  • Wine ice cubes can also be frozen for sangria, or to use in recipes
  • Homemade pesto freezes well, and ice cubes are a perfect size

My own personal favorite is to freeze lemonade with a strawberry or blueberry inside and add it to a glass of wine for a pretty party spritzer, or wine cooler. Let us know if you try any of these, and how you used them!


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