If you are a fan of History Channel's hit TV show 'American Pickers', then you can be on the look out for Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe soon in Jeff Davis Parish! The pickers will be headed our way in January, and are looking tor buy  items from private collectors that include antique advertising signs (including neon signs), movie posters and memorabilia; bicycles and motorcycles; Boy Scout items; Civil War heirlooms; concert posters and t-shirts; Diner collectibles; old toys, including tin, wind-up and cast iron toys; old radios (e.g. transistor or tabletop); pinball, slot, casino, gaming and vending machines; taxidermy; sports and election memorabilia; TV merchandise; Vespas, Lambretta and Cushman motor scooters; wood carvings and Western wear. Check out a list of items that the guys might be interested in purchasing, but of course, treasures can always be found that aren't on the official list!

If you would like info, or if you would like to sell some of these items, and possibly end up on tv, then contact americanpickers@cineflix.com or call 1-855-OLD-RUST.

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