This weekend all across Acadiana, high school seniors are getting to experience a huge milestone in their lives as they graduate from high school and begin the next chapter in their lives. To graduate is exciting, but to graduate as Valedictorian with a perfect 4.0 GPA is something very few students get to experience. Amite High School senior Andrew Jones showed up for graduation this past Thursday night ready to experience the night of a lifetime, but instead was told "Shave, or go home".

The school district says it has a policy of no facial hair on male students. The superintendent said Jones and his family were reminded of the rule three times, including graduation night, along with 13 other male graduates. Jones was the only student who refused, and therefore his robe was taken from him.

Why would Jones refuse to adhere to school policy and risk walking in his graduation ceremony? He says he had the facial hair all throughout the school year.

Jones says he actually did shave for the graduation ceremony. He claims all throughout the school year, he sported considerably more facial hair to school, everyday and nothing was ever said.

Jones will be attending SLU on academic and athletic scholarships in the Fall.