In 2020 we've had a lot of shortages. First came the toilet paper, then the disinfecting products, now ammo is a hard commodity to come-by. The sales of ammunition, according to some sources have remained fairly flat since 2018, but with a surge of gun sales at the beginning of the pandemic lockdowns the ammo was obviously soon to follow.

Just shopping around for ammo online will show you how dire the situation is. All the major online retailer's websites are littered with the same phrase, "SOLD OUT" over almost every product they carry. After seeing the state of the websites, I decided to go to a local sporting goods store and check their shelves. This particular retailer had a good bit of product (nothing that I could personally use). But, like we've all seen this year with the toilet paper shortage, there were printed signs all over the ammunition section putting purchase limits on certain calibers.

The initial surge of sales were pandemic related. Based on a fear that things would get out of hand and people would come for their food and goods because of shortages. But, with the current state of general unrest in several major cities really drove the belief that people will need to defend their homes from rioters, or looters.

No matter the reason, bullets are tough to come by. Retailers are not completely out, but they are running low enough that they need to put limits on calibers. It may end up coming down to buying a gun that they will have ammo for as silly as it sounds. The manufacturers are said to be making plans to get more on the shelves, but that might be a while.

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