An invention that could change education could be sitting in your hand or right next to you at this very moment. That invention? A smartphone and a new application called Quick Key. I am not an educator but I do have the privilege of calling many who do that for a living friends. I also am close with a lot of college age students too. Their common complaint? The grading, posting and feedback from tests and quizzes. This application, Quick Key, makes grading papers even easier than taking a picture.

Imagine being able to take a test and know your results before you have left the building? Instant feedback for the student helps them to know where to bolster their studies. Instant feedback for the educator lets them know whether their message is connecting with their students.

The system allows for electronic recording of grades to student accounts, teacher accounts and parents accounts too. It would give each student an up to minute snapshot of where they happen to be, scholastically speaking, through out each term.

I think this is a great idea. I sure hope it works out. Why don't you show this video to your teachers or students and get their feedback and then share it with the inventor.