We have a lot of fun at Anderson Cooper's expense on the Bruce and the Kennel Club show( We call him Dreamy!). The fact is, he is one of my favorite journalist on television. He stayed true to his word about helping New Orleans and the Gulf Coast after Katrina. He appears to genuinely care about the human condition. We might be concerned about his condition after it was learned that Cooper was punched and beaten while covering the riots in Cairo Egypt.

The incident occurred as supporters of Mubarak rushed a crowd of his detractors, charging on horses and camels and wielding sticks and petrol bombs. The anti-Mubarak protesters fought back by throwing rocks at their attackers.

People are always quick to blame "The Media" sometimes we deserve the blame and the criticism, sometimes it's a little unfair. Regardless,there are men and women who put themselves in harms way everyday so people like you and I will know the truth about what is happening in and around our world. Hey Dreamy, I hope you feel better soon.

(via Anderson Cooper details attack by angry Cairo mob - Yahoo! News.)

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