At my house, we spend a lot of money on pet food. The reason we do that is that the two knuckleheads you see pictured above mean the world to my family and to me. The Aussie Shepard is Jasper and the little Havanese who looks absolutely huge in this picture is named Rudy. Both of these guys know that when it’s mealtime for the human residents the four-legged friends will have a crack at some dropped food or just an outright handout from the table.

As a rule, we don’t feed our pets table scraps. However, my wife and son don’t always follow the rules. I only break the rules when no one is looking, so yes, they both get nibbles.

However, what they should be nibbling brought up some spirited debate at our house. We all know we shouldn’t feed the boys, but just "in case we happen to drop half a sandwich, what would be the best kind of sandwich to drop”? Are you beginning to see my family is a sucker for a set of sad eyes and a wagging tail?

Because I know just as many of you are as guilty of feeding the dogs as I am, I put together a little quiz. What human foods are okay for pets and what people foods are not okay for pets. We will put the answer in the narrative below the picture so make your guess before you read ahead of the rest of the class.

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