Louisiana is a spooky place, y'all. And as we are gearing up for the scariest time of year, it's nice to know that we won't have to go far to get in the spirit this Halloween season. Only in Louisiana is telling us what they think are the most haunted roads in the state. I have to agree with someof these, but let us know if you think there are some more that aren't mentioned. You've been warned...

  • Pirates Alley, New Orleans. This alley that runs alongside St Louis Cathedral is said to be haunted by famed pirate Jean Lafitte
  • Bayou Sale Road, Dulac. Ghostly hitchhikers have been spotted through the years on this long and winding road next to the swamp
  • Front Street, Natchitoches. One of the oldest roads in Louisiana, this street along the Cane River is said to be haunted by the spirit of Confederate soldiers
  • Marland's Bridge, Sunset. Rumor has it that a horse and carriage was tragically overturned on the bridge with a bride heading to her wedding. Since then her spirit has supposedly haunted those journeying over it, and a wedding dress has been spotted hovering over the water.
  • Hodge/Walker Road, Jonesboro. A tall man with a black hat has been seen traveling at the juncture in the road
  • Jackson Street, Monroe. After a long ago drive by shooting killed many people on this road, ghosts have appeared on the anniversary of the deaths
  • Coteau Road, Houma. Walking ghosts have been seen near the old sheet metal buildings in the fields near this street
  • Laurel Valley Plantation Road, Thibodaux. People in antebellum attire have been seen on the road, and lights have flickered on and off in the old plantation home


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