This was nearly tragic.

A woman in New Orleans spoke to WDSU after her mom was nearly killed in front of her house.

An elderly woman, who was in a wheelchair, reportedly fell to the ground after she went into a huge sinkhole in the 7th Ward of New Orleans.

The elderly woman's daughter says that the person driving by saw the wheelchair, and then stopped, even when they didn't see her mother on the road.


Luckily the driver got out of their vehicle to see why a wheelchair was on the road, and that is when they found the elderly woman on the road.

The good samaritan assisted the woman who fell by the sinkhole and brought her back to her house.

Residents in New Orleans have been pleading with the city for years to do something about the road conditions there, but sadly the roads only continue to get worse.

Here's the woman explaining what happened to her mom on the day she fell out of her wheelchair.


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