Nobody wants to know that they are in a job that is going to be obsolete soon, but it happens. Technology has improved our way of life so much that it has completely wiped out whole professions. UGH.Even though we hate to hear this, it's always better to know in advance when you need to get your resume polished up. Check out some of the jobs below that might not be around for long, according to Work + Money

  • Travel Agent - we can make our reservations by ourselves online most of the time
  • Mortgage Brokers - their skills can be used in other professions, even though  a lot of their job can now be done online by non professionals.
  • Bookkeeper - technology makes it easier to do this yourself
  • Lawyer - not sure I believe this one, but some people can now look up questions about the law on the internet
  • Broadcasters - people say being a disc jockey or television broadcaster is a dying profession. Good luck with that during the next Hurricane Katrina...
  • Casino Cashier - it's mostly automated now, except for the high dollar wagers
  • Financial Planners - you can use an app for that today
  • Floral Designers - grocery stores have boosted their floral departments for way less money
  • Postal Workers - a 50% drop in jobs across the USA, mainly due to automation, and the availability of self service on the internet
  • Photo Processor - remember when you used to have to send your film away to be processed? Now everyone has a camera on their phone!
  • Telephone Switchboard Operators - the numbers have been declining for years, and now, most of them are outsourced overseas
  • Fast Food Cook - companies think it is cheaper to automate prepared food, and send it to restaurants for reheating. Nooooooo, let's hope not everyone does this!
  • Newspaper Reporters - circulation for newspapers is at the lowest point since1945
  • Furniture Repair and Refinish - it is now cheaper to replace these items, than repair them
  • Detective - Hello, ID Network...
  • Architect - not everything has to have a licensed professional design it these days


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