Louisiana is a very unique state, and we are proud of that! But even if you're from here some of our town and city names can be a little challenging to pronounce. And just ask anyone from up north how to say 'Atchafalaya', and be prepared to laugh.

So, when 'Only in Louisiana' came up with a list of the craziest names in our beautiful state, even I was intrigued. Let us know if they have forgotten any!

  • Urania - La Salle Parish. The name derives from the muse of Greek Mythology
  • Grosse Tete - Iberville Parish. Named after a Choctaw Indian
  • Waterproof - Tensas Parish. Named so because it remained dry during seasonal flooding
  • Kickapoo - DeSoto Parish. Named for an Indian tribe
  • Shongaloo - Webster Parish. The Native American name means 'running water' or 'cypress trees'
  • Lucky - Bienville Parish. Only 300 'lucky' people live in this town!
  • Dry Prong -Grant Parish - founded on a dry creek bed. Hence, the name


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