Surrender Cobra? I must admit when those words crossed into my brain earlier this morning I had no idea what they meant. I know about surrender, I am married so surrender is what I do with my plans and free time anytime my wife brings up her plans and activities.

I know what a cobra is. It's a bad mother shut your mouth kind of snake that apparently likes to dance to really bad music as performed on the recorder or clarinet or some other instrument that only tone-deaf people like to play.

So, what is a Surrender Cobra? It's this.

The body language of the two young men featured in a Tweet from Yahoo Sports College Football is a stunning example of the surrender cobra. Sports fans usually assume that position after their team has just made a costly mistake, given up a big play, or simply performed as if they were the Cleveland Browns of the NFL.

The placing of the hands behind the head and the flaring of the arms and elbows out to the side resembles a cobra with its hood open. The next move after the surrender cobra is usually to cover the face with the hands or use the hands to gather personal belongings from the stadium and the "beat the crowd" to the exit.

Here's to hoping that we see lots of surrender cobras in the stands dressed in Grambling State and University of Miami colors this weekend. We certainly don't want any Cajun cobras or Tiger cobras being spotted, that would mean bad things just happened to our teams.

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