The biggest battles in all of government are over money. It's our money and the hired hands we send to Washington like to argue about how to spend it. One thing most of us agree on is making sure our country is defended against those who would do us harm. It's the definition of protected and how much that costs that is currently under scrutiny in our nation's capital.

The United States Army is currently looking to reduce the active duty force by 40-thousand troops. One of the places that could be affected by reducing the number of active duty personnel is Louisiana's Fort Polk in Vernon Parish. By some estimates, that facility could lose as many as 65 hundred soldiers if the plan being considered by the Army is confirmed.

"The Army has to make some decisions, there are going to be places they cut and there are going to places where the value is so great that it makes more sense to either leave the troops that are there or you grow that base."

Fort Polk Progress Chairman Michael Reesemade that statement in a report published by the Louisiana Radio Network. He went on to say that Fort Polk could see zero changes or troop reductions up to the 65-hundred mark. It will all be based on a strategic study being done by the Army.

Last year, Fort Polk was being considered for a troop reduction as well. However a lobbying effort by local businesses and politicians help persuade the Army to only make a slight reduction of 250 soldiers in last year's budgeting process. The Army is currently taking public comments on the proposed troop reductions.

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