So far in 2023, there have been 24 reports of UFOs in Louisiana to the National UFO Reporting Center. We took a look at what was reported, and where in Louisiana these reports came from.

Rock Rock UFO lights
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Louisiana UFO Sightings

Back in August of 2023, the internet was buzzing about an odd fireball streaking through Louisiana's night sky caught on multiple people's doorbell cameras.

In one video you can ever hear what sounds like something of significant size and speed crashing to the ground.

Over all, Louisiana only ranks #37 on the list of states with the most UFO sightings, or at least the reported ones.

We may not be in the top 10, but we certainly have quite a few interesting sightings being reported.


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One of the earliest reported UFO incidents in Louisiana happened near Fort Polk in 1957. Witnesses, including military personnel, reported seeing a large, silent, circular object in the sky.

The incident remains unexplained, and it generated significant interest at the time.

The "Abbeville Lights" is a series of UFO sightings that occurred in and around Abbeville during the summer of 1983.

Witnesses reported seeing bright, unexplained lights in the sky. While these sightings led to considerable speculation and media coverage, there was no conclusive explanation for the lights.

This are some of the earliest UFO sightings and reports in Louisiana, but what about 2023?

Marksville, 2019
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According to, there have been 24 UFO reports so far in 2023.

Looking at the reports on record, for some reason February of 2023 was quite an active month for UFO sighting across Louisiana with a total of 8 on record.

Below are the 24 reports of UFO sightings in Louisiana so far in 2023 on record, and you read more about them in detail over at

01/04/2023 - Duson, Louisiana.
Object Reported - Cylinder
"No way it was another airplane or chopper."


01/23/2023 - Houma, Louisiana
Object Reported - Other
"Video is in slow motion capture due to wanting to capture my dog running towards me. You’ll see an object in the background flying fast!"


01/26/2023 - French Settlement, Louisiana
Object Reported - Cigar
"A tic tak shaped craft. That was seen for about 5 seconds."


02/03/2023 - Livingston, Louisiana
Object Reported - Cylinder
"Tic-tac shaped object traveling South West."

Livingston Louisiana Map
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02/03/2023 - Leesville, Louisiana
Object Reported - Sphere
"Near Leesville Louisiana"


02/09/2023 - Montz, Louisiana
Object Reported - Other
“'Headlights' visible but not the craft."


02/11/2023 - Belcher, Louisiana
Object Reported - Orb
"My husband and I were in the car and saw a blindingly bright orb or maybe oval hovering in the sky then it just disappeared."


02/19/2023 - Metairie, Louisiana
Object Reported - Other
"Driving and saw a hovering object over residences."

Metairie Louisiana Map
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02/24/2023 - Shreveport, Louisiana
Object Reported - Formation
"Bright light in woods behind fence, something in corner of picture taken."


02/26/2023 - Mandeville, Louisiana
Object Reported - Other
"We were getting out of the car at night and there was this singular tiny circle cloud shaped Grey thing that was flying extremely slow."


02/27/2023 - Not Given
Object Reported - Fireball
"Object is stationary and fades and reappears. No predictable timing. Appears as a bright red light to the left of the moon."


04/10/2023 - Vacherie, Louisiana
Object Reported - Circle
"USCG licensed captain on Miss River. Look up and saw object hovering over red tower light and it was so bright it reflected on water."

Louisiana UFO Sighting


04/18/2023 - Lawtell, Louisiana
Object Reported - Light
"2 extremely low 'flying' lights no noise hovered then zoomed completely unnatural NOT aircraft lights (one light caught on camera)."


04/19/2023 - Mandeville, Louisiana
Object Reported - Changing
"Bright melted reappeared. Followed by 5 more."


04/20/2023 - Paulina, Louisiana
Object Reported - Cigar
"I was at work on the Mississippi river in Paulina, la and i picked my head up and saw 2 crafts with no wings."
04/27/2023 - Covington, Louisiana
Object Reported - Circle
"Hundreds of flying objects hovering over my car through the sky."


05/10/2023 - Chalamette, Louisiana
Object Reported - Cylinder
"Dark grey elongated tic tac"


07/15/2023 - Doyline, Louisiana
Object Reported - Light
"A green light meandering in the tree line west of my home. As I watched it, it became aware of me and hid. Another showed up."

Doyline Louisiana Map
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07/22/2023 - Mandeville, Louisiana
Object Reported - Flash
"Flashing light moving up, down and crisscrossing."


08/06/2023 - New Orleans, Louisiana
Object Reported - Light
"High Flying UFO almost collides with another high flying UFO."


08/11/2023 - Calhoun, Louisiana
Object Reported - Orb
"I watched these things for 3 days first in the morning then at night around 9."


08/13/2023 - Kenner, Louisiana
Object Reported - Sphere
"Singular object similar to star moved from one end of sky to other in 15 seconds or less."


09/02/2023 - New Orleans, Louisiana
Object Reported - Light
"Two bright, unblinking white lights flying toward me rose, banking together then phased out followed by two smaller lights on horizon."


09/08/2023 - Morse, Louisiana
Object Reported - Flash
"Three objects in sky."

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