According to treasure hunters, Jean Lafitte has numerous buried treasure throughout Louisiana with six potential hidden jackpots right here in Acadiana. Here's where to look and how much they're supposed to be worth.

Louisiana Buried Treasure
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Buried Treasure In Louisiana

Jean Lafitte is known around the world as one of the most prolific pirates of his era. As we all know, Lafitte and his brother Pierre called Louisiana home beginning in 1810.

The Lafittes operated a warehouse in New Orleans where they smuggled goods and robbed merchant ships.

Afraid they might get caught, they moved their operations to the island of Barataria, Louisiana.

In an effort to hide their ill-gotten pirate booty from the law, the Lafitte brothers stashed it all over Louisiana, even some right here in Acadiana. reports that in all, there are 23 buried treasures throughout Louisiana.

Do you think you can find Jean Lafitte's buried treasures?

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Grab your metal detector and a shovel and let's take a look at where says you can find some buried treasure in Acadiana!

1. Jefferson Island - To date, three treasure chests have been found hidden at Jefferson Island and many think there could be more.

2. Parlange Plantation - Near New Roads, it's estimate that the buried treasure here is worth up to $500,000.

3. Chretien Point Plantation - located 2 miles southwest of Sunset, it's estimated there is $650,000 in buried treasure here.

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4. Alice Plantation - Located off of Highway 167, it's believed there is $500,000 worth of buried treasure here...if you can find it.

5. Pine Alley Plantation - Near St. Martinville, there could be buried treasure here to the tune of $150,000.

6. Thibodeaux Plantation - Located off Country Road 31 near Breaux Bridge, the amount of buried treasure here is currently unknown.

Michael Dziedzic Via Unsplash
Michael Dziedzic Via Unsplash

Below are the locations around Louisiana where more Jean Lafitte treasure is believed to be found.

Sabine River - 3 miles east of the Old Spanish Trail (Amount unknown).

Lafitte Villiage - 21 miles south of Marrero, Louisiana ($1 million).

Amite River - Near ruins of Galvez (Gold).

Lake Miser - On the banks of Lake Misere (Amount unknown).

Fort Livingston - Grand Terre Isle (Gold and Silver).

Frisby Plantation - South of the house ($1 million).

Conrad Plantation - Near Baton Rouge ($50.000).

Bonafice Plantation - North bank of the Mississippi River ($400.00).

Destrehan Plantation - Just outside of town ($470.00).

Wreck of the Oregon - Mississippi River ($800,000).

Isle of Derniere - South of Houma, Louisiana (Amount unknown).

Old Camp Place - 10 miles west of Monroe ($20,000)

Ruins of Lincecum - Close to Dupont, Louisiana (Gold).

Fallen springs - East of Toledo Bend (Amount unknown).

Walter C. Flowers Estate - Between Madisonville and Chinchuba, Louisiana ($6 million).

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