Allen Parish Deputies say that a man is recovering from a gunshot wound at a local hospital while the man they believe who inflicted that wound is being held in the Allen Parish Public Safety Complex. Police say that Michael Savant, a 19-year-old of Kinder, is being held on once count of attempted second-degree murder.

Based on reports from law enforcement, police were notified of a shooting situation when a person with a gunshot wound was brought in to a local hospital in the early hours of Sunday morning. Sheriff Doug Hebert's investigators were able to determine that the victim was wounded in an incident that happened on Botley Cemetary Road.

Deputies soon learned that the prime suspect in the shooting was Savant. He was located and was arrested within hours. Savant's bond has been set at $50,000. He was booked into the Allen Parish Public Safety Complex at about 6 pm on Sunday evening.


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