Officials with Louisiana State Police say they are looking for the person who struck and killed a Scott woman this morning as she was riding her bicycle On Highway 383 west of Kinder.

After the driver hit 44-year-old Jamie Fontenot, they fled the scene. If you were around that area, or if you think you have any information about this morning's fatal hit and run, Louisiana State Police want to hear from you. You can call the Troop D branch of LSP at 337-491-2511.

From the information they have gathered thus far, LSP investigators say that Fontenot was hit by a vehicle that was traveling southbound on Highway 383. This is near the area of Ikes Road

Fontenot was pronounced dead at the scene. As is typical in any fatal crash scene, routine toxicology tests will be run.

Because of the very limited information that is known right now. troopers are hoping someone can help them in finding information that will lead to the person driving the vehicle.

This hit and run happened around midnight.

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