Artmosphere Bistro on Johnston Street got quite an unexpected visitor earlier today.

The live music venue is described as a "neighborhood hang out with decks, patios, full bar, and great Artmosphere." Nowhere in the description does it say "parking lot" but earlier today it seems like that's what purpose the building served for a vehicle that crashed into it.

We don't have many details on what happened (or how it happened) but the mess that it caused will have Artmosphere closed for at least one night until owner Beryl Kemp can get things cleaned up.

Artmosphere, which is actually for sale, is located right off of a busy part of Johnston Street near Jefferson Street in Downtown Lafayette. After shutting down and posting the business up for sale, Artmosphere recently reopened over the last few weeks.

Here is a shot of what looks like a white SUV from a view overlooking the venue through a set of blinds from across the street.

Facebook, Beryl Kemp

Here is the wall that it looks like the SUV crashed through.

Facebook, Beryl Kemp

And here is the dirt and debris left in the wake of the crash.

Facebook, Beryl Kemp

We hope that no one was hurt and that Artmosphere is able to bounce back sooner than later after having to entertain this unexpected company.

We'll update the story when we get more information on the crash—but in the meantime, feel free to buy it if you want to.

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