The most amazing real-life auto situation, it's almost unbelievable actually. One out-of-control vehicle traveling at a very high speed manages to avoid every vehicle on eight lanes crowded with traffic. The vehicle comes out of nowhere, crossing a median, merging lanes, then bowls across many lanes of traffic and parked cars and never hit one of them.

The person driving the out-of-control vehicle (with one female and child passengers) is either having a really bad day or a really lucky day depending on how you look at it.

The footage was shared online by the Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services.

Northern Territory Police are continuing to investigate after a vehicle crashed into a business in Coconut Grove yesterday. At around 5pm, a Toyota Hilux was observed driving from McMillians Road towards Darwin City. The driver has allegedly lost control, failed to negotiate a turn and crashed into a business along Bagot Road. The two passengers, a female driver and young child, were conveyed to Royal Darwin Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. It is incredibly lucky no-one else was injured in this incident. Drivers are reminded to always drive with due care and attention. -Superintendent Daniel Shean

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