Before the Super Bowl yesterday, Drew Brees was in Atlanta because, well he probably had to be. He was live in studio and was asked to make his pick for which team he thought would win. Without saying a word, he made his pick. The look on his face said everything he didn't have to.

Drew silently turns and put his cutout magnet on the Patriots. Then he turns and just looks at the camera with an attitude and expression we're not used to seeing from him...and I love it.

What message is Drew trying to send? "Rams, you shouldn't even be here and you're absolutely going to lose"?  Or possibly "Hey Goodell, I'm picking the Patriots because I know there's no way you're going to let them lose"?

Or is Drew Brees sending the message of "After what happened, it's taking everything in me to be here right now. But, I'm here, and next season the Saints are going to be the team other players will be picking to win the Super Bowl"?

Check it out below.

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