Lafayette shooting victim Mayci Breaux, a 2012 Hanson graduate, would've celebrated her 22nd birthday this Friday as her alma mater's football team takes on Ascension Episcopal. In the absolute classiest move I think I've ever seen, Ascension Episcopal is urging their fans to all wear purple to show support in welcoming Mayci's school, hometown, family, and friends. You see, Mayci's favorite color was purple.

One organizer puts it like this -

Let's show our support by welcoming Mayci's school, hometown, family, and friends to a stadium packed with PURPLE Gators!


From the Facebook page "Prayers and Purple For Mayci"

In tribute to our Angel on her BIRTHDAY, we ask that on Friday Sept. 25th everyone wear Purple and post/tag your pic, prayer.


To the folks of Ascension Episcopal and everyone who will attend the game tomorrow night, what you're doing in memory of Mayci and for her entire community is beyond compassionate. You are true leaders in the way you're extending a comforting show of support for your opponent on a day that is normally electric with fierce competitive spirit. Sure, the teams will be competitive on the field and play their hearts out as they always do. However, there can be only one winning team, but because of your heartfelt compassion to Mayci's community on a day that will prove to be incredibly hard on her family and friends, there will be ONLY winners in that stadium tomorrow night, no matter the score.

Thank you for what you're doing.

To be a great leader, you have to give people a reason to follow. With what you're doing tomorrow night, please tell me where I can line up.



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