Do you ever feel like you're spending more on your bills than everyone else?

Whether it's your mortgage, your rent, your cell phone bill—or as Destiny's Child calls it, your "auto-mo-bill"—we've all got our fair share of bills. But how much are your bill expenses every month, and even more so, how does it compare to what everyone else is spending here in Lafayette?

What about the rest of Louisiana?

A company by the name of doxo recently dropped their "Top 50 U.S. Metro Areas Household Spend Report," which ranks the top 50 cities in America by their average bill expenses. Along with that report, there was a city-by-city breakdown that also detailed information specific to Lafayette residents as well as infographics with information on neighboring cities in the state of Louisiana.

The good news for Lafayette residents is that we pay nearly 10% less than the national average when it comes to our monthly bills, but what is that total, and how does it break down from bill to bill?

Based on the doxo information, the average person who lives in Lafayette is paying $1,711 in bills, which is 9.4% lower than what the rest of the country is paying at an average of $1,889.


We'll get into how that total of $1,711 breaks down here in a bit, but first, let's look at how we compare to other cities in Louisiana. At a glance, the most expensive city to live in is about 45 minutes to our East in Baton Rouge.

The cheapest? You'll have to move to St. Landry Parish for that.


As a matter of fact, here is how Lafayette compares to the state average of $1,693 as well as individual cities and regions throughout the area.


So, we've got the total amount, but how does it measure out bill-by-bill? Are you paying too much? And what does it look like next to the monthly average?

One thing I noticed is while we pay a little less than the national average when it comes to mortgage and rent, we tend to spend a little more on car notes, health insurance, car insurance, and we definitely love our cable and internet.


The team at doxo team took a deeper dive and even sorted out what day and time we liked to pay our bills. Most of us are in line with national numbers—paying our bills earlier in the day and usually on Monday to start the week or Friday, possibly after getting paid.


As far as how doxo got these numbers, they looked at the "most common non-housing related bills" as well as the obvious expenses we have when it comes to lodging, and day-to-day living.


So, my question is how do YOUR monthly bills compare to the average resident here in Lafayette? Are you over or under? What about your specific bills?

You can take a deeper dive on the doxo website here.

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