With all the coverage over the last two days, I'm sure everyone has heard about the tragic incident that took place on Monday Night Football. Bill defensive back, Damar Hamlin, is now in critical condition in what doctors believe was cardiac arrest. No one has said what may have caused the freak accident, but it took place right after what seemed to be a minor collision. After the horrific scene, fans from all across the country took to social media to send prayers and thoughts for Hamlin and his family.

People are also making sure to send positive thoughts toward Bengals wide receiver, Tee Higgins, who was involved in the collision with Hamlin. After the unfortunate incident, it had been reported that Tee Higgins had received a lot of criticism about the accident on social media messages. Some of the criticism is believed to have stemmed from a First Take segment with analyst and former NFL linebacker, Bart Scott. Scott was asked a rather unfair question about the collision between Higgins and Hamlin and responded in the best way he could. Higgins’s mother took to social media to express her reaction to the video.

The result was as you would expect, an answer that sounded critical of Tee Higgins and the incident. Many believe the question and response were taken out of context, but many also saw it as blame toward Higgins. This is what Rich Eisen had to say on the matter.

Personally, I believe the only thing that should be discussed is the amazing stories of support and love that have come from this unfortunate event. Damar Hamlin’s charity for providing kids in need with toys has raised over $5 million. One of my personal favorites so far is the Hamlin family coming to the defense of Tee Higgins.

According to ESPN’s Coley Harvey, the family went on the express how touched they are by Higgins reaching out to them and that they are frustrated after hearing he has received backlash. After their statement was public, fans from all across the country took to social media to show love and respect for Tee Higgins.

This is not a situation that needs any debating on criticism, it’s a situation that needs continuous love and support for everyone involved right now. We send our thoughts and prayers out to Damar Hamlin, the Hamlin Family, and any who has been impacted by this horrific accident.

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