My momma always said family comes first and they'll be the ones there for you. When I was a kid I didn't quite agree. But as time has gone by, I quickly realized how right she was.

And if the findings of a new survey are correct, it further hammers the fact that family will usually be the only ones you have left at the end of the day.

According to this survey, more than two-thirds of Americans say they've lost 90% of their friends in the past 10 years. Wow!

Did this happen to you? Think about it, the friends you rang in the new year of 2006 with, how many of them are still around?

Here are the top five reasons given why people have drifted away from a friend.

  1. Moving to a new city.
  2. Just generally growing apart.
  3. Getting into a relationship.
  4. Getting into a huge fight with each other.
  5. Losing them after a breakup. Basically, they picked sides and stayed friends with your ex and not you.

Yep, I can relate to some of these reasons as I'm sure you can too. This should make us all appreciate the genuine long-term friends we have been fortunate enough to have in life.

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