Do you have clothes hanging in your closet just gathering dust?

If so, you are not alone, sister.

According to a recent study, the average person has 109 things in their closet and only wears 45 of them. That means you wear 41% of your stuff.

On average that's about $1,265 worth of things you never put on!

What do you do to purge out your wardrobe? Celebrity stylist Alex Longmore gives the following tips, from not listening to your friends to throwing out anything with a price tag on it.

  1. Take Your Time - Clean out your wardrobe when you have lots of time. A proper closet detox should take three to four hours. Pick a day when you wake up ready to recycle.
  2. Be Strategic - Your wardrobe needs to aid your clothing decisions not be a pain in the rear. Only keep items that complement each other in your wardrobe, meaning you can mix and match with every piece so there's no surplus.
  3. Keep Everything In Its Place - Keep sentimental clothes where they belong. Get those airtight vaccum bags and store those clothes elsewhere in your house. Your wardrobe should be for functional clothes.
  4. Be Seasonal - To help your wardrobe detox, focus on season by season. So right now focus on your fall/winter items. Keep the spring/summer stuff separate so when you open up your closet, you see only the items you can wear now.
  5. Don't Listen To Your Friends - Friends and relatives will often encourage you to keep clothes but you know for yourself if you'll wear again. Go with your gut and don't be swayed by the 'It could like nice' or 'I might wear it one day'.
  6. Be Decisive - Create three piles: one to keep, one to donate or throw away and one 'to mend' pile. The keep pile should be the only one in your wardrobe.
  7. Be Picky - Immediately throw out anything with a price tag or that doesn't fit. If it still has a price tag on it, you haven't worn it for a reason. And if those shoes are uncomfortable on your feet, just because 'they're cute', doesn't mean you need to keep them.
  8. Don't Let Them Go To Waste - It's good to not only get rid but also to recycle. Give to charity shops, it'll make you feel much happier. Bag up the donate pile and make sure it doesn't sneak back into your wardrobe, i.e., don't let the bags sit in the hall for a month.
  9. Be Resourceful - Create a 'mending pile' for all the clothes that need fixing or cleaning. This means keeping only the clothes you can actually wear and it'll make you sort out the ones that need fixing, cleaning more quickly if they are separated from the rest of the wardrobe.
  10. Stay On Top Of Things - Have regular clean-outs to keep your wardrobe functional.

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