Back to School. Some love it, some hate it, we have all experienced it. And now, thanks to technology, and Parents Magazine, there are some handy apps that will make your back to school experience a lot less stressful. Or even a little more fun. Some of our favorites are below, but be sure to check out the whole list, and have a great school year, y'all!

  • Remember the Milk - Allows you to set up a calendar that syncs with Google Calendar for everything the family needs to know or share
  • Team Player - keeps up with all your kids sports schedules, scores, and events. You can also share photos from games
  • Science Glossary - wish they would have had this when I was in school!
  • Quizlet - virtual flashcards
  • Shakespeare - now you can actually look up all those archaic words and phrases that the Bard so famously wrote about
  • WebMD - now you can look up your child's symptoms to determine whether they are really sick, or just don't want to take that science test
  • Digital Tutor -like a refresher course on things you might have forgotten over the summer break
  • Class Aide - helps parents keep up with assignments and due dates. Keeps homework a little more organized
  • Duolingo - learn to speak and understand Spanish in a flash with this free app
  • ArtKive - allows you to save all the adorable drawings from your kids, without all the massive clutter

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