If you are a lover of bacon, (and who isn't?) then we have just the thing for you! Camp Bacon is a real live summer camp for pork lovers everywhere, and yes, you still have time to register for this #baconisbeautiful experience! Umm, sounds like heaven to me!

The camp will be held in Ann Arbor, Michigan May 30 - June 3, and it's been a summertime tradition since 2010. The 5 day event was the idea of Ari Weinzweig, co founder of Zingerman's Community Businesses in Ann Arbor. He was originally inspired by a field trip to Louisville, Kentucky which was nicknamed 'Camp Bacon' because of the pork related activities. This camp is really more like a food fest, and we love that!

Some of the camp activities include:

  • A Bacon film festival, with caramel bacon popcorn served
  • A 'Baking with Bacon' class
  • A 'Bacon Ball' with live music, and of course, a pig roast
  • Speakers and food demonstrations throughout the week

The best part about Camp Bacon is that it serves as a fund raiser for several community organizations, including The Southern Foodways Alliance and the 4H Club of Washtenaw County. To register, or for more info, check out their awesome official website. If anyone wants to road trip it to Ann Arbor for this year's camp, I'm in!




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