Think about your favorite movie. You probably love it for a variety of reasons. Maybe it’s the memorable performances, or the incredible soundtrack, or the joke-a-minute dialogue. Maybe you associate it with a particularly important phase of your life. But when you reflect on why this movie is your favorite movie, you’re not asking yourself if it won any awards. Because, when it comes down to it, a film doesn’t have to be particularly great — or even technically “good” — to be the one you love the most.

What makes a movie good, objectively speaking? One might attribute a movie’s quality to its tight script or some beautiful cinematography, but it really comes down to a matter of personal taste. No one movie is going to be loved or hated by all, and just because critics pan a particular film doesn’t mean it won’t find a fanbase somewhere. In fact, there are many films that are widely considered — by critics and certain audiences — as bad, but are still incredibly popular. Some have even gained a loyal following in the decades since their release, becoming more of a household name now than ever before. As it turns out, being a bit of a clunker doesn’t spell the end for a movie — it may only be just the beginning.

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The following movies are a reminder that a work of art doesn’t have to be a masterpiece to make audiences smile. In fact, these campy cult classics prove that a movie can be so bad, it’s actually good. Here are 10 “bad” movies that people love.

Bad Movies That People Love

These "so-bad-they're-good" films are incredibly popular with audiences.
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The Franchises With the Most Bad Movies

Usually, when a franchise gets bad, that’s the beginning of the end. But some film series are too successful to ever truly die.

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