There is the world and then there is our world. The world is far away places and governments and wars and Paris. Our world is what we see, what we know and what we do everyday. When your a kid "our world" is basically two places, home and school.

For one Boston Massachusetts area boy one of his worlds was in a state of  uproar. Danny Keefe is a first grader. He is the water boy for his schools 5th grade football team. Danny, like all kids, is unique. Danny likes to wear a jacket and tie to school. He also had a medical issue early in his life so his speech is a little different. In the world of elementary school Danny was an easy target for other kids to pick on.

Enter Danny's friends from the football team now. Although they were much bigger and older boys they didn't use brute force to bring about a change on their school's campus. They demonstrated wisdom and kindness far beyond their 5th grade years. This report from WCVB TV in Boston explains the rest of the story.