Barron Trump was spotted in New York City this week with his mother, Melania Trump, and he towered over her.

The former first son and youngest son of former President Donald Trump is now 15-years-old and he stands at 6ft 7in.

Yes, Barron is growing up and he is growing up fast. He was rarely seen during his father's presidency as his mother wished to shield him from the public eye.

First Family Arrives At The White House
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Here is another photo of Barron as he grew up beside his father during their White House stay.

President Trump And First Lady Melania Hold National Thanksgiving Turkey Pardoning Ceremony
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But now that we see him, he is every bit a teenager and he has now surpassed his mother and father in height.

Barron and Melania were seen leaving their home in New York when this photo was taken. We hope that he is enjoying his teenage years as he "towers" over the rest of those in his family.

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