A three-year-old boy went missing in the Australian Outback and when police spotted the young boy in the forest, his mother says that she spotted an image of the Virgin Mary with her son.

Now, she and her family are crediting the Virgin Mary for protecting their loved one while he was alone in the forest.

Footage from a police cam shows the young boy drinking water and it was then that his mother seemed to notice his guardian angel with him.

Anthony 'AJ' Elfalak was missing for 72 hours when police spotted him from above and luckily he was in an area with drinking water.

The young boy, who is autistic, was in good health when rescuers got to him and his mother says the power of prayer returned her son to her.

Reports indicate that the young boy just wandered from his home and went missing for days. Luckily, a number of variables played into the boy's favor when it came to surviving out in the wild.

Check out the photo below and tell us what you think. Do you see his guardian angel here?

Twitter via NSW Police
Twitter via NSW Police


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