Social media was buzzing around midday yesterday of a woman threatening to jump from the Mississippi River Bridge in Baton Rouge.

A well-known West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's deputy did some convincing then rescuing of the pregnant woman from jumping to her certain death.

Lt. Ken Albarez was the officer who thought things were a bit out of the norm when a routine traffic stop turned into a life-saving experience.

"All of a sudden I looked up and there was a lady, she hopped over the rail very quickly," said Albarez. "I knew immediately she was intending on taking her life."

He didn't have any time to radio for help, so he tried to sit down next to her.

"All she would say is 'if you come any closer, I'm going to jump.'"

While the two were perched some 175 feet above the river, the woman confided in the officer that she was seven months pregnant.

Lt. Albarez said that after about 45 minutes, the woman became despondent and stopped communicating with him. So, he had to think quickly.

With help having just arrived, he inched closer toward her and waited for what would likely be his only chance to rescue her.

"She looked away for a split second, so we physically grabbed her and once we grabbed her we were able to put some restraints on her to just hold on because at this point we were kind of exhausted and we're sweaty and we didn't want to slip."

The woman is currently receiving treatment at an area hospital.

According to Albarez, she had some sort of dispute with her boyfriend earlier in the day.


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