Today is a holiday, it’s not a holiday you’ve probably heard that much about but maybe if you and I discuss its merit and values it will catch on. I think it is a neat idea. It’s called Be An Angel Day. It is a day set aside for those of us on Earth to act as if we were angels. That means we should perform random acts of kindness and compassion on people we know and love and especially for those we do not know. If you’d like some suggestions on what you might do to celebrate Be An Angel Day I have some thoughts:

-Leave an encouraging anonymous note on someone’s desk.
-Tell a child how special they are
-Listen to an older person tell a story
-Say “Good Morning” to ten people you pass on the street
-Wave someone in while you’re stuck in heavy traffic
- Tell someone you appreciate them
-Donate some time to charity
-Call your Parents just to talk
-Send a message to an old friend on Facebook
-Make sure the love of your life knows that they are

I am sure you get the idea. Now we need to get those thoughts out of your head and into action. I promise if you attempt three random acts of kindness today, you will get 30 in return over the next few days. That’s how the universe and angels work. Here is an act of kindness that you helped me create. About a year ago I got an e-mail from a young man who was serving overseas. He wrote about missing the beauty of seeing a Louisiana sunrise. I asked you to send me some pictures and we put this piece together. If you watch it and think about all the blessing you have in your life I really believe your day will be a great one.

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