You know if this little narrative was about what men want we could probably get it done in about two sentences. Just like in real life huh ladies? The fact is I am writing this for my gender based brethren to read and consider and of course for you ladies to chime in and fill in the parts that I don't get right. Speaking of getting it right, you remember the three R's from school right? Well when the door closes and the lights go down there are two R's you need to know. 

Do the words respect and romance ring a bell? Respect should be a given, but even more so if you consider that the love of your life not only holds down a job, runs the household, takes care of you and the children, plans all the family activities and still manages to turn  you on. That's a lot guys, it really is.

Then comes the romance, do you remember how it was when you were dating? You'd  open the door for her, buy her flowers, kiss her neck, hold her hand and look deep into her eyes. You also listened to her, really listened to her.

Here is a news flash guys, ladies don't need you or me to solve their problems, they need someone to listen while they solve their problems on their own. They do need and want your support, being there is another one of those simple things that you can do. Simply being in the moment, being engaged or connected , being willing to share honestly without judgement but with understanding. It really isn't that hard to do, unless you're a man and you're a wired like a bulldozer.

 I will make you this bet, try leaving a note on her pillow, or stuck to the mirror in the bathroom or on the steering wheel of her car. Write something sweet and honest and romantic and you will be amazed at the differences you and she will soon rediscover.

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