If you're a Morgan Wallen fan and haven't figured out your Halloween costume yet, you're in luck. There now exists in this world and official Morgan Wallen Halloween costume available from his website.

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Morgan Wallen Halloween Costume

Just recently released at morganwallen.com, an official Morgan Wallen costume for fans lookin' to experience what it's like to be one of the biggest names in Country for the day, or night.

Whiskey Glasses and Sneedville, Tennessee accent sold separately.

OK, so what exactly is a Morgan Wallen Halloween costume all about?

From morganwallen.com -

"4 piece Morgan Wallen Halloween costume set featuring white hat with 'MW' logo and antlers design printed on front, cutoff flannel with 'Wallen' patch on wearer's left chest, fake mustache with adhesive, and plastic gold Tennessee necklace."

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The costume is all put together for you, the only tricky part will be for you to decide whether you want to toss a mullet underneath that Morgan Wallen cap or go all in as the newly shorn Morgan Wallen.

You can pre-order the official Morgan Wallen Halloween costume for $95 now at morganwallen.com and the costumes are scheduled to ship October 16, 2023 in time for Halloween delivery.

These are selling quick and currently sizes are still available in M, XL, 2XL, and 3XL.

Read more and pre-order yours at morganwallen.com.

Morgan Wallen Halloween Costume

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