The family feud between members of the Benson family took an unexpected turn yesterday. Tom Benson, whose assets include ownership of the New Orleans Saints and New Orleans Pelicans, has seen some of his control over a family trust taken away.

A judge in Texas is expected to place control of a trust set up on behalf of Benson's daughter Renee in the hands of former San Antonio Mayor Phil Hardberger. Texas Judge Tom Rickhoff is expected to make that order official on Monday. According to legal analyst this is a victory for Benson's daughter Renee.

"Tom Benson now no longer has control over the trust. Although Renee doesn't have control, it goes to a third party who has to act in favor of her benefit."

Those are the words of legal analyst Tim Meche who offered his thoughts to the Louisiana Radio Network.

Meche believes this ruling will be a victory for Renee since the trust is now under the control of a person who must act in the best interest of Renee. The assumption based on that protocol would be Mr. Hardberger might make decisions that would go in opposition of Tom Benson's wishes.

"Which were to fire Renee and her supporters from the board of the bank and to isolate her from the rest of the businesses,"

Meche went on to suggest that the removal of Renee from the boards of several companies owned by the trust will not be happening now.  Meche believes that Benson's failure to testify in person and face cross examination during the legal proceedings did bode well for his case. It also sets a bit of a precedent in future actions that might occur as this family drama is played out over the course of time.

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