The 29th season of Discovery Channel's wildly popular Shark Week is coming up on July 23, and we want you to be prepared. We've come up with some awesome movies that will have you screaming for more. They are in no particular order, so enjoy!


The Shallows - 2016 - Blake Lively goes surfing by herself in a cove, gets trapped on a rock with a hungry shark hovering, and needs to survive before the tide comes in.


Deep Blue Sea - 1999 - sharks get re engineered brains to make them smarter and way more dangerous, scientists can't believe it when they escape their pens and start attacking humans.


The Reef - 2010 - boat capsizes, and friends have to swim to land in open water to get rescued. Unfortunately they are treading in shark infested waters.


Open Water - 2003 - based on the true story of a couple who went scuba diving, and were left behind in open water by their charter.


Sharknado - 2013 This SyFy TV movie is so campy that it's become a cult classic. Monster storm descends upon Los Angeles, leaving killer sharks in the streets of Tinsel Town.


Jaws - 1975 - just in case you forgot how scared you were the first time you saw this movie. Way before everyone started saying how fake it looked. It still scares me, every time I see it, and I love it! There would be no 'Shark Week' without 'Jaws'


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