I don't know about you, but at my house, Shark Week on the Discovery Channel is like having Christmas in July. No, really. It's fun, and you still get to feel that squeamish, fearful knot in your stomach, without getting too close. It's awesome!

Garden and Gun, one of my favorite magazines dedicated to everything we love about the south, has taken Shark Week to another level for us. They have found actual sharks, (with names!) to follow on social media. There is even an app from Osearch that allows you to actually follow a shark through the Global Shark Tracker.

If you don't follow any animals on Twitter, now's your chance to be a Shark Week rockstar in your crowd. Have fun, and don't go too far out in the water, y'all...

  • Hilton the Shark @hiltontheshark - a 12.5 ft Great White shark who was tagged on a Low Country expedition by Osearch. Weighs 1,236 lbs
  • Lydia - @RockStarLydia - a 2,000 lb great White female who was tagged off of Jacksonville, Florida. She's traveled more than 46,000 miles since 2013
  • George the Shark - @GWSharkGeorge - 702 lb Great White shark who researchers say could be the first tagged shark to travel all the way to Europe
  • Miss Costa - @MissCostaShark - Great White female weighing 1,668 lbs. Researchers suspect she might be pregnant, so look for an official announcement this fall. Tagged off of Nantucket


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