Whoa....our girl Beyonce isn't getting paid to play halftime at Super Bowl? WTH?

OK, it's $4 million for 30 seconds of airtime during the Super Bowl. Networks pump out billions of dollars to air it. And on top of their already hefty paychecks, football players get an extra $44,000 to play in it.

The only one who doesn't get paid: Beyoncé. Even her band, dancers and technical crew get paid. The NFL ( who can certainly afford it) will fork over $600,000 in production costs, and Pepsi, with whom Beyoncé recently signed a $50 million deal, will pick up the rest of the tab. It's literally just Beyoncé who won't get paid. WOW. Not that she needs the money, but a girl needs to get paid!!!!

According to a story from Time.com posted this morning, she won't get a dime for her highly anticipated show, but that's not a surprise. Not even Madonna was paid for last year's show. I guess the reasoning is that she will sell billions of records after her performance, and you just can't buy that kind of publicity. OK....sorry, NFL, I still think she needs to get paid! Just sayin'.....

Just in case there was any question that she can sing, check out the video of her Super Bowl press conference this morning in New Orleans: